LOCATION: Budapest

SIZE: 6,900 sq m warehouse & 587 sq m office


The tenant’s aim was to renew their existing lease with better conditions, since instead of some negative factors they were satisfied with the current location. C&W provided all the necessary information from the market and advised the tenant to reach the possibly best conditions at the landlord.

C&W consultants successfully negotiated 6,900 sq m of warehouse and 587 sq m of office space renewal in BILK representing the Tenant, Access Business Group. The deal included very specific fit out arrangements repairing the amortization of the unit to reach the highest tailor-made solution. Cushman & Wakefield consultants achieved significant rental savings for Access Business Group, hence the renewal was a significant success for the Tenant.

Both parties were satisfied with the result thanks to C&W’s expertise and contribution.

With the contribution of C&W, the Client has signed the renewal with very competitive terms and conditions.